New F18 NCA registered in Lithuania

We are happy to announce Lithuanian Catamaran Association has been registered as F18 Association for LTU.

Let Martynas Makelis, LTU F18 Chair, present their activities and goals:

As for activity. We have a Lithuania catamaran cup which consists of 5-6 comps for cats. Dominant class in Lithuania is F18 at the moment and looks like it will be more so in the future, we gather 5-10 boats now. Separately we have a championship in Curonian lagoon in September.

Last year we had training camp with Steffan Decker prior to the championship. 

We are working on the idea for this year to arrange “Open sails day” and to invite people from outside for friendly comps, where helm would be someone professional and crew someone amature. Idea to attract fresh blood.

Another idea is to make a local raid akin to Stockholm in Curonian lagoon, that could be a two day event. But we want to sail it first ourselves.

We can only wish all the best to our Lithuanian friends, crossing fingers for them to succeed in building their planned events.

Contact: Martynas Makelis

Facebook page: Lietuvos katamaranų jachtų asociacija