New elected President to chair French F18 association

Nicolas Touchot, active F18 sailor – picture by Jasper van Staveren

AFF18 Board has been fully renewed during Extraordinary AGM held on 15 December 2020, and the team lead by Nicolas Touchot has been elected to take over French Association.

Newly elected Officers are coming from various French regions, hence covering all F18 clubs:

  • Nicolas Touchot, Chairman, YC Saint Lunaire – North Brittany
  • Pierre Altier, Saint Martin – Caribeans
  • Pierre Arbona, COYC Hyérois – Méditerranean
  • Nicolas Berndt, CVC – Centre
  • Philippe Couderc, CN Paul Vatine – North
  • Louis Lagardère CN Ferret – Aquitania
  • Vincent Levionnois, ADGF Jullouville – Normandy
  • Frédéric Maniglier, CN Nice, Mediterranean

Transfer of duties from previous Board is currently running smooth, and we can only wish the new team the best success in implementing their development plan.