Letter to F18 Europeans Jury Chair

Change to Class Rules according to RRS 87

to International Jury Chair, F18 Europeans, Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria

Rennes, 29 November 2011

Subject : Change to Class Rules according to RRS 87

Mister Chairman,

You may have heard the F18 Class had to deal with some Class Rules issues raised during the Worlds sailed in Balatonfüred.

Following this great event, an emergency Class Rules wording working party has been created in order to fix the situation in depth, and to make clear wording proposals on sailcloth issues and on sailmakers duties, but also on any other measure which may appear necessary to clear.

Following the report made to the World Council by the Working Party on 26 November 2011, and waiting for ISAF final endorsement, F18 World Council decided the following, in order for the F18 Europeans to be run in the most friendly atmosphere:

1. Mainsails – Articles G.3.2 (a) & G.3.4 (b)

– For the currently disallowed sails (see International F18 website to get the corresponding serial numbers), which are in clear breach of rule G.3.2 (a), those remain banned until further notice.

– For the sails which have been made using two different clothes in the main body (against rule G.3.4.b) but clearly marked with two clothes (in good faith by manufacturer), and certified accordingly by F18 measurers prior to 15 September 2011, these are allowed to race in the Europeans series.

– For the sails which have been made with two clothes in the main body but have been marked with only one, these are banned as the sailmaker was not truthful nor transparent.

– Since 15 September, no new sail built using two clothes in the main body can be certified.

2. Spinnakers – Article G.5

As it appears it is possible, reading in a strict way the current Class Rules set and Appendix published on our Official Website, to consider most, for not saying all spinnakers are likely to be declared not class legal due to reinforcements, to accept any duly measured spinnaker, whatever cloth used for reinforcement, until a clear wording is issued and registered by ISAF.

3. 2011 Class Rules amendments

On September 14 2011, an e-mail was send to ISAF Technical Officer Rob Taylor, asking the following:

Dear Rob,

We started an updating process in Spring, and following return comments from CRSC sent late June, we still not have succeeded in getting our rules updated. Could it be at least possible for you to immediately publish on ISAF website as amendments the joined articles, all duly agreed by CRSC?

This would largely contribute to de passionate some parking debates, for the best interest and atmosphere of F18 sailing.

I join the mentioned Amendments sheet for being displayed on the Official Notice board, and to get due force. Both this Amendment sheet and this letter have been duly sent to ISAF and posted on the Official F18 website.

Thanking you in advance for your dedicated care, wishing the F18 Europeans in Gran Canaria the best success and attendance, and wishing all competitors fair racing and great fun on the water,

Sincerely yours,


Olivier BOVYN

President International F18 Association