Launch of 2012 F18 European Tour


13 events,
   10 countries,
      1 rule…

2012 F18 European Tour Officially Launched

The Formula 18 class has established itself as one of the most competitive and accessible forms of multihull sailing across the globe. The F18 European Tour has been formed as a collaboration between European F18 Associations to promote and grow the class by encouraging international competition, while recognising the best performing sailors.

A key goal has been to build a tour of events that is within easy reach of all corners of the European fleet to keep travel and expense to a minimum. Of course this is also a competition, and specific attention will be paid to the individual helm and crew achievements, as well as the categories of female, mixed, youth, masters and club sailors.

There are 13 events in all, across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Hungary and Spain. Events are open to any F18 sailors and the best 3 results will be counted towards a sailors score. A scoring system has been created for the varying event sizes, from small National Championships in countries with fast-growing new fleets, to the tradition and well established regattas. This ensures that achievements at all sized events and all finishing positions are well represented.

Full details of the tour dates, rules, scoring system and all other info is available from the Official F18 European Tour website,

F18 European Tour, 27 March 2012