Kiel ready for Formula 18 fleet

It’s just only 14 days left before the Formula 18 Worlds 2015 will start. After a successful Kieler Woche the first F18’s showed up at the special free Formula 18 campsite and parked their boats. When will you arrive?

20150628_185924-2We spoke Jens Uwe Tonne and asked him how everything is going so far. “I’m a very happy chairman. It’s really good to see that everything is on schedule. The Kieler Woche last 2 weeks was a good practice and gives me the feeling that we are ready to welcome all the catamarans. We also have arranged that there will be two seperates race areas, so we won’t have an inner & outer course. So no interference between the fleets. Because we have a GPS tracking system on each catamaran it will be easy to follow both fleets. On Monday and Thursday we’ll have the two Sailors Dinners, on all other days there will be a daily snack for everyone. We are good to go!”

Latest info can be found on the event website.