IF18CA World Council Annual Meeting to be held on 15th December 2018

According to Constitution article 7.2, the Annual Meeting of the International F18 Class Association World Council will be held on 15th December by Conference Call. Agenda will cover finances, election of Executive Committee members following former Secretary General step down, selection of 2020 Worlds venue, Constitution update, Class Rules changes, and Championship Policy. Please read further to get all relevant documents, and do contact your National Class Association would you like to give your point.

Additional information:

Item 2. Financial accounts 2017

Please consult at https://www.f18-international.org/documents/finances/

Item 3. Update accounts 2018

To be circulated soon.

Item 4. Election of Executive Committee members

Don Findlay was re-elected as Secretary General at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the World Council in Denmark. In early 2018, Don Findlay stepped down from ExCo and Ad Noordzij, Vice President of ExCo, stepped in as his replacement until the next annual meeting of the World Council. The proposal is to formally elect Ad Noordzij as Secretary General of ExCo.
Simultaneously with Ad Noordzij assuming the role of Secretary General, ExCo co-opted Steve Stroebel as the new Vice President until the next annual meeting of the World Council.
The proposal is to formally elect Steve Stroebel as Vice President of ExCo

Item 5. Budget 2019

To be circulated soon.

Item 6. Venue 2020 Worlds

Bids to be received and published soon at https://www.f18-international.org/documents/bids/

Item 8. Class Rules

Proposals put forward (click here to download full list) include:
  • Proposals #1-2: to incorporate the recent interpretation issued by World Sailing on the trampoline and address some of the undesired consequences for a part of the fleet. The proposals represent two options with a different degree of restriction;
  • Proposal #3: to block the introduction of solid trampolines, now relevant after the introduction of mainsail decksweepers;
  • Proposal #4: to make the recent temporary rules change related to the bowsprit (snuffer mouth and bag) a permanent one;
  • Proposal #8: to grandfather – for a period of 3 years – the crew weight rule for small rigs, relevant in case the small rig is abandoned as per proposal #6;
  • Proposal #9: to change the crew extra weight ratio, conditional (or not) to obtaining confirming VPP output;
  • Proposal #13: to make jib window measurement approach consistent with the proposed mainsail window measurement approach.

Item 9. Championship Policy

A draft Championship Policy was circulated among World Council members in late 2017. The final version reflects some of the limited comments received, and differs only on some minor details.
If adopted, this policy will apply for all bids for events to be held from 2021.