First charters available for F18 Worlds 2015 – Germany

Nacra Sailing announced that they’ll have charters available for the F18 Worlds 2015 in Kiel (Germany). We hope this deal makes it easier for (especially overseas) teams to come over to Germany to join this great event! There are some conditions to this charter deal, please see below the explanation, terms & conditions.

Nacra Sailing and the German Nacra dealer Lindstaedt are offering charters (new boats) to use at the coming 2015 F18 Worlds in Kiel (Germany). We do tie conditions to the availability. We need enough teams to charter to make the numbers work. Supplying charters is hard for boat manufactures. It leaves us with slightly used boats that need to be sold afterwards in the region. The charter fee normally becomes the discount for these “one time event” used boats. So boat charters come at a cost. BUT, Nacra wants to support the F18 class and by arranging charters the class can be more internationally represented as it becomes easier for teams that come from far can compete with the right equipment. 


  • A minimum of 4 charter boats (New NACRA F18 Infusion MK2 2015)
  • The price per boat will be €2750 euro (including euro trax & rear end stands)
  • Cash deposit per boat will be €750 euro
  • All damage during the regatta will be charged directly from Credit Card
  • Insurance is obligatory but excluded (Team MUST insure the boat and must show proof)
  • Transport to and from Kiel is included
  • Charter boat will be handed out from the 8th July at 10:00 o’clock and will be taken back the 18th July from 8:00 o clock to 12:00 o’clock (If teams fails to be there in time with complete boat, team loses deposit)
  • Charter contract needs to be signed before hand out of boats
  • Charter agreement needs to be signed and sent back before 15th may 2015
  • First signed is first served (4 charters available)

Sent us an email and we get back to you: info(at)