F18 Worlds 2015 started!

F18 Worlds 2015 - 11-07-2015 (Kiel - Germany)-6906Today, Saturday July 11th, the Formula 18 Worlds 2015 officially started. Many boats already arrived in Kiel, but most boats are expected to arrive during the day. In the early morning everything was still quite and peaceful in Kiel, but that’s about to change soon…

F18 Worlds 2015 - 11-07-2015 (Kiel - Germany)-6913Registration and measurement will start from 09:00. The organization will be early at the regatta office to provide everyone a timeslot. Because the weather conditions are pretty light today most sailors will go out on the water to check their boat and the race area.

Everthing that’s going on will be caught on camera and published on the event facebook page and official F18 International facebook.