F18 Raid Worlds at Costarmoricaine in detail (2)

Burvill/Puttman & Erussard/Moreau rounding La Jument des Héaux

Second Leg: Bréhat – Perros Guirec

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Bis repetita… Not much wind when the fleet launched in La Chambre, hence Day Two started with a new towing session through Kerpont Channel, offering the competitors a wonderful view on Bréhat Island…

Similar to Day One, fleet headed to West to meet wind, and Race Committee asked rescue boats to free competitors when arriving close to La Jument des Héaux, and quickly implemented a starting line.

Due to 45+ meters depth, starting vessels had to maintain their position using their engines, and RC directly displayed Black Flag as Preparatory signal to secure the start.

Sighting the starting zone
All clear
Dutreux/Hubert heading Roche Guazer mark
Arthur Boc-Ho & Laetitia Lefèvre, first Mixed Team, rounding Roche Guazer mark
Pretty good overall performance for Masurel Brothers, faithfull competitors in Costarmoricaine Raid
Jean-Jacques Redon, crewing Armand Clabon, was already competing in 1993 Costarmoricaine, 30 years ago!

In order to lengthen the course, Race Committee displayed “C” flag at Pierre du Chenal, meaning “the fleet has to sail round Tomé Island”.

Erussard Moreau rounding “Les Couillons de Tomé”

When the leading boat showed up again at Pierre du Chenal, the Race Committee wisely decided to stop the race at the mark, as the wind was crushing, winners of the day being Emeric Dary & David Fanouillère, completing the leg in 02:22:42, two minutes ahead Erussard/Moreau, and two and half minutes ahead Burvill/Puttman.

At this moment, Emeric was convinced to be the leader… but this was before the jury hearing related to the protest on Day One…

Emeric Dary & David Fanouillère, winners of the day

All pictures: Paul & Dominique Malécot