F18 is getting started in Switzerland

F18 is getting started in Switzerland !The newly built group Races.ch aims to be the catamaran contact that helps Swiss catamaran sailors to reach their objectives, to promote the catamaran for youth  etc.

As such, Races will promote the interest of the F18 Class association until the Swiss F18 group becomes large enough to live by itself. Switzerland has not active catamaran classes at the moment, and so the need to create an association that promotes catamaran towards Swiss government and that helps clubs.

Races will dedicate one member as Official contact for the IF18CA and will create a specific F18 page, linking it to the F18 International.

Further, it is interesting to note that, for the first time in history, Swiss Sailing federation is promoting catamaran, selecting the Topaz 14cx and the Nacra F16 for youth squads… so hopefully in few years new sailors will join the F18…