F18 Class Rules effective by 1st January 2024 published on World Sailing website

World Sailing has just published the F18 Class Rules to be effective by 1st January 2024.

This new version reflects the amendments that were approved by IF18CA World Council in the 2021 and 2022 Annual Meetings.  
More specifically:

  • removal of the restriction for the jib tack position, and adding the option to equip the boat with a forestay compression rod (C.10.4 / F.6.3)
  • removal of other restrictions for the jib: number of battens, shape of leech, top width and batten and batten pocket widths (G.4.2 / G.4.3)

A few editing errors in the previous version of the class rules have been also corrected (incorrect reference in A.13 and missing righting line rule D.2.8). 

You may find detailed Class Rules changes on WS website.