Discussion on crew weight equalization

To all F18 sailors Worldwide

F18 Executive Committee started a few months ago a Class Rules-related project which is aimed at strengthening the market position of the Formula 18 Class, and formulating a clearer proposition to sailors.

The Formula 18 Class wants to be a popular catamaran class, attracting a wide spectrum of sailors in terms of age, gender, crew weight and sailing skills for both around-the-cans and long-distance racing.

The project is to formulate – if possible – a better correction system which offers fair racing in Formula 18 for a wider crew weight range.

In order to kick-off a discussion in World Council about the possibility of making fair racing possible for a wider crew weight range, and to hopefully build consensus around a proposal that can be submitted for a WC decision in 2018 year, Ad Noordzij, new Secretary General of IF18CA, helped by William Sunnucks (Chair of the Technical Committee of SCHRS), prepared a memo you can download here.

Please send your comments to your National F18 Class Association, who will gather and transmit your inputs to WC & ExCo.

Thanking you in advance for your Contribution,

Olivier BOVYN
International F18 Class President