Difficult conditions at EurOcat 2017 – Carnac

On April 28th EurOcat started in Carnac (France). A four day program where up-/downwind races and a long distance race was scheduled. Due to heavy wind all races on Sunday and Monday were cancelled. The British F18 teams claimed the podium after 3 races on Friday. The Belgium ‘Thys brothers’ won the long distance race on Saturday.

Nineteen Formula 18 cats showed up at the Yacht Club de Carnac in France for a four day event. The first two days were perfect sailing conditions. Three races were held on Friday where the Brits did some good business. Dutchies Den Houting/Harwijne had some bad luck. They forgot to sign out after races on Friday and got a penalty (DPI) for that. On Saturday the long distance race around Houat was held, again in perfect sailing conditions. The Belgium Thys brothers (who have their boat at a French club) did a good job and won this race.

On both Sunday and Monday the wind swung round to the West and blew up to 39 knots and made it impossible to race.

Video compilation from Friday

Video compilation from Saturday

Translation of the interviews in this video:

  • “We are very happy to be there, as Quiberon’s Bay playfield is ideal for our boat. This is the beginning of the season, so we are in a run in period, and our plan is to go smooth for taming the beast…”
  • “We are the Devil’s team ! Last year, we entered the event following one hour training, that we fourfold increased for the current edition. We finished last in 2016, and our ambitious objective for this year is to finish second last…. We now have 12 knots wind, likely to increase to 15-18, will see… Crossing our fingers for being able to make the round… Pray for us!”

Video compilation including prizegiving

Results after 3 up/downwind races – Friday

  1. Grant Piggott /Simon Farren (GBR 957)
  2. Simon Northrop/Caleb Cooper (GBR 51)
  3. Tim Neal & Bob Fry (GBR 1577)
  4. Jacob den Houting/Jan-Willem Harwijne (NED 432)
  5. Gildas Le Peutrec/Jolann Neiras (FRA 31)

Overall results here.

Long distance – Saturday

  1. Thibault & Julien Thys (FRA 14)
  2. Nicolas Berndt & Louis Lagardere (FRA 1679)
  3. Tim Neal & Bob Fry (GBR 1577)
  4. Simon Northrop/Caleb Cooper (GBR 51)
  5. Jacob den Houting/Jan-Willem Harwijne (NED 432)

Full results long distance here.

More information, photos and videos on the official EurOcat website.