Desirability of ‘jib deck sweeper’ end plates under review

All NCA’s have been informed recently about the latest status of the ‘jib deck sweeper’ end plates. To make sure all F18 sailors have this information we hereby post the original email contents.

In my note of 14 March I informed you that the Technical Committee was conducting a survey about the jib deck sweeper, an equipment item that was fitted on an entry at the F18 Australian Nationals earlier this year.

The jib deck sweeper that was used consisted of a fiberglass gennaker snuffer which also served as an end plate at the bottom of the jib.

Based on feedback received the Executive Committee is concerned that the fitting of jib deck sweepers will not be a positive development for the class, as the costs of this equipment may much exceed its benefits.

ExCo have therefore decided that it will put forward a proposal to World Council under Class Rule A.7.1 and A.7.2 shortly. This proposal, if approved, will make it illegal to race with this kind of equipment (without grandfathering).

In the meantime we want to discourage sailors from buying jib deck sweepers.

Ad Noordzij