Cloth list update – Black version of DP PE05

Question has been asked about new version of Dimension-Polyant sailcloth, and we quickly got a response from Kenneth Madsen, DP President:

“The white PEN scrim will be phased out and replaced by black. As such the PE Clear, PE Optic 2 and PE Dark Pearl Glitter will all become custom colors…
The new black version will come with a grey tinted adhesive for a rich look. It will be called Optic 3.
The new PE Optic 3 line of styles (PE05, PE10, PE15) is a color change where the rest of the construction remain the same. The X-PLY is at 22 degrees.”

So, It is clear PEB 05 3.0 is a new version of the PE 05 3.0 listed cloth, presenting the very same mechanical characteristics, the only difference being the color of the scrim (fibres in the laminate), hence the color change.

This cloth will remain allowed under the cloth list, and new codes “B” will be added in the next Class Rules update scheduled by mid December.