Close to incredible : Bundock-Nicholas take the lead at 2019 Worlds just ahead Paschalidis-Trigonis

Two days ago, when we were speaking of Titan’s battle, we didn’t think so well, as competition is now so close between Bundock-Nicholas and Paschalidis-Kostantinos, with a mere 3 points gap after 11 races being sailed, and a second discard being likely to be granted tomorrow during last final series day, bona fide ARG amateurs Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser, scoring 43 points, being close to certain to get Bronze at Prize Giving Ceremony, ahead from Pablo Völker-Sergio Mehl and Brett Burvill-Max Puttman, tied with 64 points each.

Then comes a group of three teams separated by one point each, Krevinsky-Benitez (84 pts), Parker-Brown (85 pts) & Demesmaeker-Bagué (86 pts), slightly ahead Souben Amiot (93 pts) & Colby-Dubbelaar (95 pts).

One can’t wait for tomorrow to discover which team will be crowned 2019 World Champion…

This 2019 Worlds edition is whatever the case a great success, considering both numbers and skills from the competing teams, as well the quality of the venue.