Can F18 Raid Championship to be sailed 4-7 August around Prince Edward County

Picture by Geoff Webster

Around PEC Regatta will be the support event for 2023 Can F18 Raid Championship.

The regatta comprises 3 legs which cover about 250km sailing around Prince Edward County and starting in Trenton. Each day will stop at a different location.

The course will start in Trenton on Aug 5 and go east through the Bay of Quinte and then clockwise around PEC. Organizers will not publish the course until Aug 4. Each day will be broken up into several legs. The finish of one leg will be close to the start of the next leg. You have to look on Kwindoo to see where these gates are. Some of these legs will finish close to a beach so that you can take a break or fix something. This way you can pause for a rest between the legs or if you drop out you will at least get scored for the legs you completed. Each leg will be scored as a separate race.

All beach cats will be scored together with SCHRS for the overall trophy and then the F18 scores broken out for the F18 title.

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