Brett Burvill & Max Puttman dominate 2024 Worrell 1000

By winning 11 of the 12 sailed legs of the 2024 Worrell 1000, Brett Burvill & Max Puttman, reigning Raid World Champions, have once again demonstrated their mastery in F18 long distance racing, based on a high preparation level of their Edge, powered by Next Gen sails, they know at their fingertips, being respectively builder and sailmaker of the boat.

Excellent performance also for their team mates of Australia 2, Pete & Bailey Skewes, also sailing an Edge, scoring two second and three third places.

Podium is completed by French/US pair Emmanuel Boulogne/Mathieu Marfaing, completing the race in 93 hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds on their Cirrus 901.

It is then to notice that Randy Smith & Dalton Tebo (Team Rudees), finishing fourth, have won leg Atlantic Beach to Ocracoke, the only one escaping to Burvill/Puttman.

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Brett Burvill experience

“Well thats it, we have done it , Conquered the Everest of off the beach catamaran sailing , racing against legends of the sport for over 90 hrs to complete the 1000 mile Worrell 1000 Race .

Huge thanks to Rod Waterhouse and wife Kerri for being our best advisers and organizers . Tony Priu from Tavernier Creek Marina, your a legend Tony, for all you help and with the container , trailer and arranging our ground movements we cant thank you enough.

Max Puttman and I have done it and Pete and Bailey Skewes have come in second as Team Australia 2 also sailnig a Windrush F18 Edge built by Myself and Daniel Brown at Windrush Yachts.

Dan Best pusher on the beach and looked after all the rigging tasks for the race, thanks mate . How about those sails from Next Gen Sailmakers. Max has come up with something special and there were several 1, 2 finishes for the 2 Next Gen Edges.

Harken Australia Pty Ltd thanks so much for your generous support providing fit out kits for teh 2 team Australia boats. Vaikobi for helping out keeping us warm and able to complete our days work each day in comfort.

Malcheski Composites for the best adjustable hiking sticks going , just awesome to use and they are Worrell tough. Hero Hoists Australia thanks for your generous support , it helped us out massively with all our ground cost in the USA. If your a handy man or workshop looking for a new hoist for your car or motorbike check them out, 10% discount I believe if you mention the Worrell 1000!

Happy birthday to my son Zac 19 years old today back home. Love you mate and will have a beer for you tonight . Also to be able to share some of the race with my Brother Hayden has been great , he was able to make it our for 2/3 of the race and our great friend Alastair Caldwell came along to keep us in check incase Rod wasnt able to keep a lid on us.

Thanks to everyone from Worrell 1000 Race organization for just everything , such a well run event by dedicated and super friendly and passionate people , all the social media team has been amazing and I believe this race has been blowing up online . Looking fwd to getting home to the family and back to work so we can go to Italy and Spain for the F18 Worlds next month to see all our fantastic sailing family fr around the globe.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed that we got it done in such a dominant fashion”

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