Bas Paumen new Chairman F18 Netherlands

On Sunday January 11th 2015 the Dutch NCA choose their new Dutch Formula 18 Class Chairman. After two years Mischa Heemskerk passed on his presidency to Bas Paumen. A few words from Bas Paumen:

The Dutch F18 class has historically always been one of the largest and strongest fleets in the world. Delivering multiple World Champions. But last couple of years we have seen some change, after many very good years with many sponsors and great inflow of high quality sailors from other classes, The last two years it was less crowded with boats on the national regatta’s and we have seen more outflow to new other catamaran classes.

The F18 class is still the biggest class in the Netherlands with the best competition. But to keep this great class alive, we need to refocus on what makes this such a great class. So we can grow again and keep offering the best possible racing, the best knowledge sharing and the most fun!

We need to harness the energy within the class and fix some basics. So with a revived team we will bring new energy in to the class, because we know it still is the best boat, with the best competition, with the most fun! I’m very pleased that the class has chosen me lead this process.

Personally I’m sailing in the class since 2007, I’ve always been an amateur, always enjoyed the high level of racing, the spectacular sailing, and the great open atmosphere between the sailors, something I think is quite unique in the sailing world. The F18 is such a cool boat, that everybody needs to experience this once, to become hooked for life.

See you all on the water!

Bas Paumen

We wish Bas Paumen and his staff all the best in their new position for the next years!