Backes-Jarlegan win 2010 F18 title !

Backes-Jarlegan, 2010 F18 Worlds WinnersDramatic ending at 2010 F18 Worlds – Backes/Jarlegan crowned Champions after Bundock/Howden to Match Race Styles/Van West !

It has been necessary to wait for the 14th and last race of the 2010 F18 Worlds to know which of the top 3 teams to get the title… Due to the redress given to Styles/Van West by the IJ, it was necessary for Bundock/Howden to chase them in order they get a place beyond there worst final score of 12th in race 7, the first of the final series. So an actual Match racing game between the two teams, closely followed by the Jury boat in order to ensure fair competition, Bundy succeeding in rejecting GBR 7 to the 63th place… allowing Backes/Jarlegan, who scored 24, to be granted 2010 Champions.

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