Back to sailing after most countries steadily ease Covid related restrictions

Picture by courtesy of F18 Sweden

After implementing strict lock down measures for the last two months to prevent overwhelming Covid pandemia increase, most countries worldwide, from Australia to California, passing through Europe, do start to steadily ease restrictions, freeing access to the water and making sailing possible again.

In most cases, this is limited for the moment to small groups, up to ten people, further steps being planned according to close pandemia watch.

Whatever the case, this should permit to restart club activities, or even small regattas, as our happy Swedish fellows did on 25th April, sailing their usual season opening Spring Roll.

It is now our collective duty to adopt a responsible behaviour, likely to help reaching a Covid safe world.

Enjoy your sailing, keep your distance, and stay safe!

Waiting the pleasure to meeting you all asap, with my very kind regards,

Olivier Bovyn
IF18CA President