As a conclusion to 2019 Worlds

Thanks to sailing legends Bundy, Dany, Kostas, Mitch & Brett for giving such a great value to the Class annual pinnacle event,

Thanks to Darren Bundock-Conor Nicholas & Iordanis Paschalidis-Kostantinos Trigonis teams for truly playing until the very end the Battle of Titans we were expecting in secret,

Thanks to AUS F18 Association, with special mention to MAERSK shipping company & Mark Stichbury-Cooper, for sending 17 boats from overseas,

Thanks to Argies, who did qualified 5 on 5 in Gold fleet, and placed 3 teams within Top 10, assessing when needed the true value of 2016 Title delivered in Buenos Aires,

Thanks to CAN, CHI, & USA teams for crossing over the Atlantic Ocean in order to participate,

Thanks to European F18 Associations for sending strong delegations, whatever numbers,

Thanks to ISR, MAR, & TUN for joining the club,

Thanks to La Ballena Alegre Organising Team, with special mention to Pep, Toni & Lai, for offering us a perfect event in a wonderful venue,

Thanks to Regional & Local Governing Bodies, as well to friend neighbour clubs, for helping in making the event possible,

Thanks to Race Committees, for providing sailors with 14 good races in both fleets,

Thanks to International Jury, for a fast and efficient hearing process,

Thanks to Technical Committee, with special mention to Pierre-Charles & Carlos, for ensuring fair competition between all registered competitors,

Thanks to builders and sailmakers for providing F18 sailors with top quality and long lasting equipment,

Thanks to Marc Gonzalez Aloma for daily publishing stunning pictures,

Thanks to XO Tactic Audiovisual for producing amazing videos,

Thanks to Martin Vanzulli for closely covering the event on CSN,

Thanks to all competitors for participating, building up a 130 boats fleet many other classes would probably envy…

Thank you all,

Yours, faithfully,

Olivier Bovyn
International F18 Class Association President