Amendments proposed by F18 ExCo on decksnuffer and sail measurement approved by large majority of WC

As announced in previous article published on 9th May 2018, a ballot has been held among World Council on two proposals from the F18 Executive Committee, according to Constitution articles 7.3 & 7.5, and Class Rule articles A.7.1 & A.7.2.

First proposal, amended as follows, was aiming to temporarily halting the use of the innovative deck snuffer presented during AUS National Titles until World Council has made a final decision, expected before current year end, about whether the Class wants this piece of equipment to be part of the future of F18.

Second proposal was aiming to clearly asses F18 sail measurement procedures are refering to World Sailing ERS, the class rules only stipulating deviations from these ERS. The proposed changes also clarify the status of the measurement certificate template.

The results of the voting were largely in favour of the two submissions, temporary ban of Jib deck Snuffers being adopted by 67 votes among 78 (86 %), and sail measurement procedures being adopted by 71 votes among 78 (91 %).

Detail of the voting can be found here.

Both decisions take immediate effect by 27th June 2017.