8th EcoSail Regattas have been sailed in Carleton, Gaspesia, Québec

Élise Bourret et Jean-Marc Proulx, winners

From Radio Canada

Successful 8th edition for EcoSail Regattas at Carleton, Gaspesia, Québec, giving the opportunity for many teams to discover magnificent Baie-des-Chaleurs. Although usual social moments have been limited, due to Covid 19 pandemic, Canadian F18 competitors did benefited from a close to perfect weather conditions, hence fully enjoyed their time on the water during the week-end.

Sunny Baie-des-Chaleurs – Picture by Laurent-David Beaulieu

“Everyone on the beach tells us about it. Everyone at Carleton helps us building up the Regattas.” says Laurent-David Beaulieu, CAN F18 Chair.

To note Zoé Roosen & Nicolas Tosi participation, this team aiming for 2024 olympic selection. “We have got a super fleet here in Québec”, says crew Zoé, “This is really easing our training, giving us the opportunity to grab experience from old foxes…”