2022 Worlds to be sailed in the USA as alternate to Western Australia

After our friends of Western Australia be forced to resign hosting 2022 Worlds due to border restrictions put in force by AUS authorities until mid 2022 at least, the Class has been lucky enough to receive on such short notice two excellent bids as alternate venues outside Europe, thank to the hard work of our Vice President Steve Stroebel, and thank to the efforts of two bidding clubs: Clearwater Yacht Club in Florida, & Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in California.

We have to sincerely thank Circolo Vela Arco too, as they were prepared to upgrade the scheduled European Event, would we have been unable to find an acceptable replacement solution. We remain whatever more than happy to visit Garda Lake early July 2022.

It has been a kind of Sophie’s choice for US F18 members to select either venue, the ballot lead among the American sailors giving a close to perfect 50/50 balance…

So the final world will be given to World Council through electronic voting to be held by 10th July, at the end of 2021 Worlds just about to start in Gaeta/Formia. Do not hesitate to contact your National WC representative to give him your point!

Please consult the two bids received: