2022 Immunolin F18 Worlds: the wind conspicuously absent, First race abandoned

Picture by Anna Suslova

On Wednesday 12 October, and after a promising start, PRO Todd Fedyszyn had to abandon the race due to a dying wind, the whole fleet being towed back to the shore.

Who pretended a towing line was useless ?
Picture by Anna Suslova

However, this first attempt did permitted to check the trocking was perfectly functioning, which is good news.

No more wind on Day 2, where sailors had to wait until 3:45 pm, when AP on A flags being hoisted.

We now are looking forward Friday 14 October, where the forecast is very promising as the front will have passed by and we should see a NNE breeze that will slowly shift left as the land heats up.

All sailors have to be prepared for a potential 4 race day.