2021 Worlds Organizing Authority guarantees registration fees refund

Picture by Marc Aloma

Dear fellow F18 sailors,

Some of you may feel reluctant to pay an entry fee when Covid pandemic is still active around the world, which is fully understandable.

Actually, and similar to 2020, 2021 Worlds Organizing Authority guarantees registration fees refund. Please find below the commitment published by Costanzo Villa, Event director, on behalf of Yacht Club Nautico Gaeta EVS (OA), which will help you in finalizing and preparing your trip to Formia/Gaeta.

Dear F18 fellow sailors,

Following to the COVID-19 situation all across the world, the F18 2021 World Championship’s Organizing Authority (OA), in accordance with the F18 International Class and F18 Italian Class, wants to send a reassuring message to all of you wishing to join the event in Formia/Gulf of Gaeta, July 2-9 2021.

As of today, there is no evidence that the World Championship event will be cancelled or delayed.

Anyway, should the Italian Governing Authorities impose the cancellation or the delay of the event, the OA will refund the paid registration fees, net of the PayPal fees (where applicable), to all F18 sailors that have already registered and to all sailors that will have completed the registration by June 15th, 2021 (last minute entry fee deadline, see NoR), like next year.

The OA will continue to spend the planned (and significant) resources and money to organize a memorable event and to host you at her best, while committed, should the event be cancelled or delayed by the Italian Governing authorities, to reimburse the registration fees to the F18 sailors to whom we ask only a warm sign of support and closeness by completing the registration by June 15th, 2021.

We wish you all and your families are safe and we look forward to seeing all of you in Formia/Gulf of Gaeta!