2021 Worlds in Formia/Gaeta: a grand cru!

Although we all missed our fellow friends from Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Ireland, and Norway, this 2021 World Championship will remain as a grand cru.

A championship uncertain until the last moment

First merit is for having being held, despite Covid pandemic and health measures continuously changing until the last moment, making participation of certain teams uncertain (and at the moment we are writing this article, not sure when and how Argies will be permitted to travel back home…)

Whatever the case, no less than 79 teams from 20 countries and 4 continents were present on the spot.

Return to sailing after months of lockdown

Second merit is that this championship was actually the return to sailing competition for many sailors, and the whole fleet fully enjoyed each of the fifteen sailed races, perfectly managed by the Race Committee team lead by Costanzo Villa, thanks to them all.

A very disputed championship

Actually, none, apart Mitch and Ruben, who adopted a rather conservative strategy in the beginning, before using full throttle, where given a clear advantage, and any mistake in reading the playing field had to be paid cash. Best proof is given by Sach brothers, being second for four days, and being caught by the Argies, then finishing fourth in a tie.

Further, it is to notice that no less than ten teams and four designs do share the fifteen bullets distributed during the event

On the technical side

In front of the Scorpions, now benefiting of four years development, and being served by a strong team of talented racers, the new Akurra from Goodall performed pretty well, whatever wind conditions, ask either Patrick Demesmaeker & Gilles Tas or Sach brothers.

Although the boat being presented last year on the market, it was actually the first comparison at such high level for the Nacra Evo, whose potential has been shown by Bader brothers, getting one bullet, and finishing fifth overall.

Brett Burvill was not present to demonstrate qualities of his design but, thanks to his fellow mate Max Puttman, crewing our 2019 Youth World Champion, Elisa Jentsch, the Edge got one bullet too, not that bad for a mixed team.

What about the new Cirrus 901? On the boat park, everybody was curious and eager to discover this extreme design, following a pretty well run presentation campaign.

Emmanuel Boulogne and Mathieu ended the championship with a fourth: a taste of victory rewarding their hard work on the new Cirrus,,

One must admit it was a tough challenge for Emmanuel Boulogne and Mathieu Marfaing, who frankly admitted a lot of development was still to make, but their investment has been rewarded by a nice fourth place in the last sailed race.

On the sailmakers side, and apart the home tailored sails delivered together with Goodall and Nacra boats, 1D is close to a monopoly among the fleet.

More detailed statistics are under construction by our Vice President Steve Stroebel will be published soon.