2021 Worell 1000 NoR published, registration open

The Worrell 1000 Race will be held again May 3rd-15th 2021, and will cover approximately 1000 miles with overnight stops at multiple locations along the East Coast of the United States, between Florida and Virginia Beach, VA.

The Race shall consist of one class with scoring based on overall elapsed time. Eligible boats are Formula 18 class (in compliance with current International Formula 18 Class Rules and with current and valid measurement certificate). Boats must be able to launch from and finish on the beach. The Worrell 1000 Race OA shall have final discretion as to which boats and classes of boats are allowed to compete.

The Organizing Authority for the 2021 Worrell 1000 Race will be “Worrell 1000 Race Reunion Race, Inc.”, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, (dba “Worrell 1000 Race”).
PROs will be John Williams & Bill Photinos, assisted by Neil Wilson, Beach Master