2019 Worlds to be sailed in La Ballena Alegre – Costa Brava

Following Compania Della Vela Grosseto cancellation, we all do regret, having so good memories from 2013 event, our friend Gianni Fantasia, Italian F18 Chair, spent a lot of time and energy to find a suitable alternative, but situation is that, following exchanges with an alternative organiser in Tuscany, it became clear it was not possible for them to present a bid that meets all key requirements of the Class.

Although other locations in Italy have been considered, but time being of the essence, the members of the Executive Committee have agreed to accept the bid presented by La Ballena Alegre as, based on the excellent experience the Class got during the 2018 Europeans, it gives ExCo every confidence that they will be able to organise a great Worlds in 2019.
This being said, the good point is that, following AUS F18 resignation, IF18CA invited bids for 2020, and for sure ExCo will encourage all World Council members to positively consider next December any bid likely to be submitted by Italian clubs. Then the time Italian Chair spent will not be wasted, the International F18 fleet just visiting Italy with one year delay.
Further, by having excellent bids on the table, our Class is now guaranteed to get great World events until 2022 or even beyond, which is definitely a comfortable situation.
With my kindest regards,
On behalf of IF18CA Executive Committee,
Olivier Bovyn
P.S.: Please note that since the bid was received we asked organizers to move dates by one day (28th June to 5th July) so that the event can be run from Friday to Friday.