2017 Martinique Cata Raid : Manu & Jean Boulogne winners !

Tense week for the 28 registered F18 teams, particularly with a tough last leg from Le Vauclin to Le Robert, when other days have always been demanding under very versatile wind, sailing looking sometimes like Russian Roulette, but, at the end, it is to remind so many good fights on the water between very talented teams.

Third win for Emmanuel Boulogne

Consistency paid back Boulogne team, who succeeded in remaining ranked at the top all week long, although fight being tense against 5 pairs battling outpost : Brits Sunnuchs-White and Northrop-Farren, French Dutreux-Cocaud, and locals Gillet-Poix or Giacometti-Ivaldi. Eventually, Boulogne benefited from the few errors from their pursuers to gain the victory.

To note this is the third Cata Raid win for Emmanuel Boulogne, and the first for the father/son pair.

Emmanuel & Jean Boulogne comment :

« One more super week. Racing was great due to a very wide range of wheather conditions. Whatever light wind or strong gale, you had to be in. Sailing is not only speed, but strategic and tactics too. As our regatta went along, we established our strategy to keep our leadership. Related to competition, average skill level was clearly progressing this year. Brits were very fitted, and locals too with Giacometti-Ivaldi and Gillet-Poix. Having said that, it’s very tight now, which is truly positive. We already know we will come back next year, with a brand new design, we plan to deliver next May, so the boat will be ready for the next Cata Raid. »

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