2015 : a vintage year for eurOcat

Eurocat 2015 - S.Huet - 01.05.15005Despite strong and humid weather conditions, 2015 eurOcat met success with a pretty good attendance of 53 teams, including solid representation from Belgium, Great Britain and the Netherlands.Day 1 permitted to sail 3 races, hence to validate the event, Fred Duthil/Jean Christophe Mourniac getting two bullets, and Emmanuel Boulogne/David Fanouillère winning race 1.

Day 2 was not easy to manage, 20+ knots wind being forecasted from 2 PM and beyond. Organisers wisely decided not to race Round Houat long distance, and to keep the whole fleet ashore under AP. Weather conditions being actually 15/18 knots, race committee Alpha asked F18 AP flag to be lowered at 10:45, and 8 determined teams did dared to play the game, a second group joining the starting area 15 minutes later.

This was full benefit for two rookie teams, Riwan Peron/Solune Robert scoring two wins, and Jolann Neiras/Antoine Rucard getting a 2 and a 3.

podium f18One more AP in the morning of Day 3, everybody crossing fingers for the 24+ knots wind to decrease before noon… Fortunately enough, Race Committee did succeeded to manage two races before 13:30 warning signal deadline… Riwan Peron/Solune Robert scoring then two more wins, and securing accordingly French F18 Champion title, ahead from Emmanuel Boulogne/David Fanouillère (2nd) and Fred Duthil/Jean Christophe Mourniac (3th).

Click here for full results: EuroCat 2015 – Overall results F18