2011 F18 Worlds : one more great and fruitful edition

2011 F18 Worlds have been once more a great edition, where the best F18 teams had to face close fight to get the title, Darren Bundock and crew Jeroen Van Leeuwen getting one more Gold Medal each…

With quite a perfect series of 3, 10, 2, 1 in the four final races sailed, Bundy secured the 2011 title 6 points ahead Mischa Heemskerk – Bastiaan Tentij, and 16 points ahead former Youth World Champions Vittorio Bissaro – Lamberto Cesari, confirming here in Hungary the talent they already showed in Erquy during 2010 Worlds.

Interesting enough in an olympic perspective, it is to notice the excellent performance of the first mixed team compromised of Carolijn Brouwer and Wouter Samama, missing the podium by 1 point !

On the Youth side, French coach Yves Clouet can be proud of his current or former squad members, three of them entering the Top 10, Charles Hainneville and David Fanouillère winning the Youth title as a bonus !

All this looks very promising for the F18 Class, and no doubt for this one to remain the meeting point of both club sailors, youth talents, and past or future olympians…

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Pictures by Aron Szanto