1st edition of the St. Rik CataCup a big success

13350461_1382727528420396_6288048511065820714_oFor the first time a CataCup has been held in the Netherlands. Flying Dutchman Rik Duinmeijer decided that it was time for a serious preperation for the Round Texel race in July. Thirteen cats showed up for a 2-day regatta on the fresh water lakes in the middle of Holland.

In perfect sailing conditions the sailors had a great time: warm, wind and sun… and no need to travel around the world at all. Again Gunnar & Lisa Larsen did a great job. In May they won the North Sea Regatta so it looks like they’re preparing for the round Texel Race in July.

Race day 1: Start at Enkhuizen -> Medemblik -> Vogeleiland -> Den Oever -> finish in Makkum
Race day 2: Start at Makkum -> Stavoren -> Trintelhaven -> finish in Enkhuizen

A review of the races can be watched here.

Overall results:

  1. Gunnar Larsen & Lisa Larsen-Westerhof
  2. Elke Delnooz & Jeroen van Leeuwen
  3. Jorden Veenman & Frank de Waard
  4. Hans Breur & Roel Everaars
  5. Ad Noordzij & Maarten Noordzij
  6. Rik Duinmeijer & Corstiaan Diederik Alessie
  7. Wik Becker & Rob Becker
  8. Arjan Baas & Tjalko Jansz
  9. Hans van Dam & Marius van Dam
  10. Maxime Hillen & Max van Pinxten (Martin Valk)
  11. Bas Paumen & Pieter Oskam
  12. Maarten van Klaveren & Marielle Zonneveld
  13. Claske Boschma & Tony Mels

Photocredit: Rik Duinmeijer (Facebook)