100 registrations benchmark reached for 2021 Worlds in Formia/Gaeta

From Alessandro Pelliccia, F18 Italia

Here we are! Despite Covid pandemic, over 100 teams are now registered in the Formula 18 World Championship which will be held in the Gulf of Gaeta from 2 to 9 July 2021.
Actually, the event will start on the 3-4 July week-end with the Italian Nationals, open to all crews already present on the Formia/Gaeta spot, giving them the opportunity to test the course area, and to enjoy a full racing week, as the F18 Class is used to at Worlds.

At the end of the day, to reach 100 teams coming from 24 nations & 5 continents is an excellent result for the OA, considering how difficult it is currently to plan a trip from abroad, when some uncertainties remain on travel restrictions, depending on the countries sailors are coming from.

We can only thank all those who have trusted F18 Italy and the Organizing Committee, who have made and who keep on making their best efforts to ensure the greatest success to the event, and, not being superstitious, but just in case, we keep our fingers crossed for hesitant teams to eventually load their boats on their trailers to join the 100 group, and to enjoy the spectacle that the Gulf of Gaeta only can provide!

Whatever the case, see you early July on the water, where we will tell you all about live!