Great conditions at F18 Nordics – Vallensbæk (Denmark‏)

This year winners of the Nordic F18 Champions 2014 are Hans Ulrik Grunert and Eirik Gravdal. A very consistent serie of top results paid out and gave them the golden medal. They were closely followed by their fellow-Norwegian Tim Sandberg & Pål Kirkeby who chased the winners with a equal consistent row of results. The bronze medal was won by the 2013 Nordic Champions champions, Fredrik Karlsson & Nicklas Nordblom from Sweden.

Even the winners had to admit, that the fastest boat on the water was the Swedes Olof Berensson & Oscar Wersall, who was first in 4 of the 7 races overall. But “life is tough” the Swedes learned, as one heavy position from the first racing day in light winds, and a DNF (due to help from a rescue RIB), kicked them out of top 3 overall.

The regatta was attended by a 36 boats from 9 (impressive nine!) different countries. DEN, GER, POL, SWE, NOR, FIN, AUT, FRA and EST. “We are proud to attract such a strong and diverse fleet. This adds prosperity to the F18 class in the Nordic countries“, states Jan Jensen (DEN) who ended somewhat down the listbecause of 4 DNS’s caused by a broken gen-pole in first race Saturday.

Friday offered light and shifty winds, and the race committee managed to get 2 fair races through, before the wind gave up. Luckily the arranging club Vallensbæk Sejlklub lined up a relaxing lounge atmosphere and free beer in the sun to ‘kill time’ in the best thinkable way.

Saturday the fleet went out in strong westerly winds gusting up to 30 kn. “It was massive fun, but also a nerve breaking bow down manoeuvre at the top mark. You need technic, balls and a little bit of luck to get it upright down to the gate in 30 knots” said Peter Torngaard (DEN1788) who attended a larger F18 regatta for the first time.

Sunday offered equal conditions, but as the wind increased slightly, the race management understandably decided to send the (remaining) fleet to the harbour and call it a day.

Vallensbæk Sejlklub, just south of Copenhagen, arranged a great championship, supported by a group of motivated of volunteers, who provided solid race management on international level, and a great ambient for socializing and relaxing.

Top 5 results:

  1. Hans Ulrik Grünert/Eirik Gravdal
  2. Tim Sandberg/Pål Kirkebø
  3. Fredrik Karlsson/Niklas Nordblom
  4. Olof Berensson/Oscar Wersäll
  5. Jens Uwe Tonne/Maximilian Said

Full results can be found here.

The 2015 Nordic Championship will be in held Norway, still pending decision on exactly when and where.

Photos: F18 Nordics  (Anders Liebst)